Wednesday, April 30


Doesn't this scene of the alamandra (almond) trees look like autumn? We have only two seasons here, summer and winter (aka wet and dry). Being a native of S.W. Florida, I am used to the heat that comes with the summertime. Believe me when I say, I had no idea how hot hot could be. Here, it is so hot and dry right now that the leaves dry out on the trees and fall to the ground. It is SO HOT, the ground dries out and cracks, leaving the soil like rock. It's SOOOO HOT that you can stand still and break out in a sweat.
Even your eyelids sweat. It's HOT!

Now, we are on the verge of the mini-summer (a little rain) coming and the humidity is NOTHING like I experienced growing up in Florida. I really never paid much attention to barometric pressure before living here. You can feel the rain coming. It's been threatening for days but no relief yet. Every year I can't wait for the rains to stop but the truth be told, now, I can't wait for the rains to come again. It's really hot now where I live. It's not the same all over Costa Rica. The mountain areas are much cooler and the Guanacaste area is much dryer, if that's possible.

Rain?? "Bring it on."


wolfie_cr said...

Just a quick note to say that I am glad that you kept blogging, the pictures are a welcomed treat

Here too, I cant wait for rains to begin, last Decemeber I planted a dogs decided that they didnt like it and they have been using it as 'official' peeing post ever since

So its been quite a war......they pee......I water it .......its still alive ......but needs a sustained amount of H2O

Tica Macha said...

Thanks Wolfie, if it weren't for the photos, I'd not have much to blog about.
I had a beautiful garden BEFORE the pups. One solution to help with your spruce is to use an old plastic garbage can and cut out the bottom and place it around the base of the tree. The dogs can still pee there, it just doesn't directly hit the tree. Dogs, love 'em but they sure create havok! Yesterday, I had to rescue yet another iguana from them. Teri

Alison said...

The seasons here are so extreme. Even in the mountains things were getting too hot and dry. We are happy to see the rain again.