Friday, December 21

Mele Kalikimaka

Every year, this special ornament finds it way to the top section of my tree. It's from my roommate when I lived near Honolulu. It's been almost 30 years now but it is very special to me still. I loved Hawaii at Christmastime but not as much as I love living in Costa Rica. Watching all the cold weather on t.v. and then walking out my door to go to the most beautiful beach, I feel very fortunate.

I've had great fun decorating and cooking for Christmas. I've embellished on the egg nog recipe adding coconut flavor and strawberry. I bought the bottles of flavored syrup they sell here and add it to the nog. A tropical twist on the traditional egg nog treat. Costa Rica has egg nog, it's called Rompope (rome-poe-pay). The nickname for it is "Pomche". With coconut syrup, I call it 'Coco Rompope'.

The countdown is on for the Santa showdown and I hope this finds everyone in the Holiday Spirit and enjoying this special time of the year.
Pura Vida and ENJOY! (take a nip of nog)

Aloha shout-out to BreeWee in Hawaii and my old roommate, Kathy Tugman and her family.

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BreeWee said...


Feliz Navidad!!! I still read your blog nearly everyday! I just love the fact that you live where I was and I live where you were... BOTH amazing places!
Enjoy the holidays...lucky we are warm... make sand angels too!