Sunday, February 8

The Cows Come To Jacó

Today wraps up the Art Festival in Jaco. I was happy to see some of the painted fiberglass cows made it here. I thought they had been auctioned off after the parade in San Jose. I think now that they travel the world (see I saw them pass by on semi-trucks headed for Quepos awhile back and wondered if they were on their way to be shipped out of the country. I guess some of them are still making the circuit and I was happy to see them here in Jaco.
Article about the San Jose exhibit of cows:

The art festival was held at Jaco's new community park. It's beautiful, so far.

About my last post on Unseen Dangers.... A friend of mine told me after reading it he "felt bad". It was not intended for anyone to feel bad. My point was to shed some light on the unseen dangers here but not to dissuade anyone from coming to "my found paradise". Just don't be an idiot about it and think it's "just like the United States", it isn't. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, if you use it. Most people won't even check the links I inserted in the Unseen Dangers post.
The ignorance is bliss people. I once was one, too.
Regardless of all I learned about Costa Rica in my two year research before coming here and the six years living here, I have never regreted it.

Check out Sally's video at about living here in Costa Rica. Her and her family moved here from Key West a few years ago. Sally is the type that does her homework and researches her questions until she finds the answer. I think of her as a pitbull with a bone. Determined. I've learned a lot reading her blog.


Anonymous said...

I always like to read your blog but today my son enjoyed it too. The song I'm Yours set to the cow slide show is apparently a winner with my 3 year old autistic son. He is laughing and dancing and checking back in with the cows every few seconds. Thanks for the gift of a happy morning!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with the art fest but I was rooting for Jason Mraz (I'm yours) to win the grammy last night.

TICA MACHA said...

I almost took off the music yesterday because I figured people were sick of it by now. I went to the art festival just once and these are the only cow photos I have but there are many "cow photo" albums on the internet. Just google cow parade. So happy to see it touched your son in a special way. You made my day with your comment!!! Teri

TICA MACHA said...

I went back to the park and they were about to load the cows for transport. I shot off a few more photos before they leave Jaco.