Friday, February 27

Faces of Innocence

You might be surprised to learn that the government barely supports the schools here. There is talk the teachers may go on strike, like in Honduras right now. It's a real problem, funding. This photo was taken at the daycare center in Jaco for preschoolers and they are in need. For some kids, the meal they receive here is the best meal of their day. Please contact me if you would like to contribute to the "Rice and Beans" food drive.

Awhile back, I went with a group to most of the schools in Garibito. Some of the conditions were shocking. Photos can be seen on my Flickr account:
under "sets" with "escuela" name.


Oasis of the Toucans said...

I call it ¨Faces of ignorance¨,exactly what the elite in SJ want. Grass cutters, not thinkers.

It´s much like the ¨quality health care¨scam.
The new ¨state of the art clinic¨in Canas doesn´t even have an xray machine.Oscar booked to Philly when he had his vocal chord issue last year. Case closed.

Hey ! Oscar got a new stadium and a road put in to make it easier to exploit and destroy the Osa with the money.Dang campesinos don´t need no stinkin schools or clinics.

TICA MACHA said...

I remember when they cut out aids educational spots on t.v. "let em die". Ignorance is a real problem here and sometimes it's left to the community to support it's own community. Thanks for your comment. I'm really concerned about CR crawling "in bed" with China since they gave them $$$$. I hope our middle class continues to grow unlike other poor countries (where the rich get richer and the know).

Oasis of the Toucans said...

Thanks Teri.
I wasn´t sure if you would kill my comment,or not, but since we older... in the Glades, I figured you would be cool with it.
It is what it is and IT IS PURA long as we make it that way.
C´mon up one day and play with the toucans and eat at a REAL restaurant.......