Tuesday, February 10

Dry Drowning, and stuff

I always learn something when Dr. Oz visits the Oprah show.
I had never heard of dry drowning which caused me to think maybe you haven't either. It's when water gets in the lungs and causes death hours later.
I'm posting it here so you can check it out and understand it for yourself, to protect your loved ones.
This little boy was only 10 years old...




While you are checking out this surprising info, check out what Dr. Oz has to say about cell phones and YOUR BRAIN!!!!!!
I STILL don't have a cell phone here. In the year 2000, no one had a cell phone on the streets here. NOW, everyone, I mean everyone and their brother has a cell phone. It's quite amazing to see. I figure if I have an emergency, I'll borrow theirs. It's really easy now to get a cell line from ICE (so I hear)...

Quick story - when I first started visiting here in 2000, I had read in books that freezers/ice was not common in the local "sodas" (restaurants) and the water was contaminated so using ice made with the water, well, it wasn't safe (parasites). I decided to just drink Pilsens and bottled water so it wasn't a problem. Funny thing was, I kept seeing all these "ICE" trucks all over Jaco. Back then, they were plain, enclosed trucks with the words I C E in bold letters. Not knowing anything and being a tourist, I was totally confused about the 'shortage of ice'.
NOW I know, ICE is King here and it has nothing to do with ice.

This was written a couple of days ago. The Internet went out before I could post it. Since the wind storm awhile back, we've had problems with Internet but ICE is on it, repairing the lines!! Internet comes and goes these past few days.

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