Monday, February 9

Hay Kids... It's COW TIME!!!!!!!!!!

I totally swipped these photos off the site:
They are displayed in 110x110 size so the quality isn't great. You can view the photos at the site above and see which country or state each cow is from.
Pretty amazing. What would your cow look like?
This post was prompted by a comment I received this morning from a mother of a three year old that was excited about seeing the cows I photographed at the Jaco Art Festival and hearing "I'm Yours".
The song and the painted cows are for you!!

For a better slide show of the cows of Taipei 2009, go to this link and click slideshow,
sit back and enjoy the beautiful Taipei cows:


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooooooo much. He loves your newest post of cows and music!!! I have to admit I love that song too. Perfect for walking down the aisle of a beach wedding or pleasing a 3 year old.

TICA MACHA said...

My pleasure totally.
I'm happy my blog touch someone so young and special. -t