Friday, February 27

It's Not about The Wall

There is an invisible wall that exists between the locals and "the foreigners". It's there, regardless of how many years you live here. You can blend better if you've been here a real long time but you are still considered an outsider by the locals.
This is not about that. This is about a group of women doing something for a much neglected preschool in the community and using a wall to create interest and bring attention to their needs. The foundation work (prepping the wall) is beginning now. I'll keep you posted. Our hope is to encourage the community to help it's one and only little preschool. And get that mural painted!


Costa Rica Baby! said...

Love this post! There is a wall...but so much we can do to shorten the height, atleast on our side. :)
Can't wait to see how great it turns out!!

TICA MACHA said...

Thank you for your interest. You were missed at the meeting. Hope you are adapting quickly to your new location. Best of suerte! -t

norm said...

I think the outsider thing is everywhere. I lived 14 years at my last place, I was a newbee every day I was there. My current home has been 15 years and the "locals" call me the guy who lives at the Orr place, the guy I bought from. The nature of people.

TICA MACHA said...

That is so true here too about our "nicknames". I wonder what they call me. The crazy macha gringa in la casa de verde, my house is now painted pink but they still call it the green house from it's original color.