Friday, February 20

Here today, Gone today

There are so many changes going on around my house involving bulldozers and the like. This little bridge is a favorite of mine so, of course, when I heard hacking sounds this morning, I ran to see what was being chopped down. The bridge, it's gone. I've used this in photos many times but just the other day I stopped and got a photo specifically of the old bridge (photo above).
Making way for a bigger, better bridge. I'll miss that decrepit little bridge the guys used to cross over with their motorcycles.

postscript: I added a new song to TeriTunes, one of my "hit the road" favorites - seemed appropriate considering there was a execution style murder the other morning right around the curve, just spittin' distance from my house.
The song is Charlie Daniels, Simple Man. Says it all.
Pura Vida.
I finally got my Internet connection fixed so I'm back! I hope.


katemeri said...

What a pretty bridge it was!

If you're not busy tomorrow afternoon, head down to E.O. for the 1st annual Mardi Gras / Carnaval parade and party starting at 2PM. It's a fundraiser for our school and should be loads of fun!

BreeWee said...

Oh memories... it is so hard when the simple things that meant sooooo much are replaced by something that is supposed to be "bigger and better".

Have a good weekend!

Peggy said...

Oh no! That bridge was SO cute!

Bulldozers around your house - that doesn't sound like much fun.

TICA MACHA said...

The Mardi Gras sounds like fun Kate. I can't wait to see Pat dressed in a pink tutu riding a horse!
Yep, the bulldozer that was working in the front clearing the mountain moved around to the clear an opening for the new bridge. It concerns me when I hear bulldozers because people move dirt around here with no permits and then when then rains come, I GET FLOODED!

Costa Rica Baby! said...

I saw the news about the man that was killed in your neck of the woods. So scary!!!

I'm glad you got a final picture of that beautiful bridge. Sometimes I "HATE" so called "improvements.

{Glad to see you loved Edgar Sawetalle} It is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

hey, who's horse is in the picture?


TICA MACHA said...

He belonged to a worker that lived in the house this is in the background. The worker maintained the property and the horse roamed everywhere like a dog. He would come visit me often, sometimes at night looking in the windows. He tried to come in the house a few times. I think he thought he was a dog.
That photo is about 4 years old and the horse was stolen soon after the photo was taken. I miss old gray. I had the greenest grass in the neighborhood and he loved to graze in my yard (before all the dogs and fence) and eat apples/carrots I'd save for him.
He was special. He crossed the main Costanera looking both ways, twice. Smart horse and although he didn't belong to me, I felt like he was part mine.

TICA MACHA said...

Mary, to answer your question you posted under the Mardi Gras post asking about the murder I mentioned in "Here today"....
I had not intended to mention the murder but it was an afterthought when I reread the title of that post and thought of Arno being shot right outside of his home and business. I don't have a comment other than to say that life is precious. Pura vida.

Anonymous said...

thank you for responding to my questions. i love the horse story! it's awesome. so is your life in costa rica. i'm in minnesota and the cold makes me sad... : )