Wednesday, August 12

All Pau

Before and after....

That's Hawaiian for all done, finished. I walked down to the beach to see the progress and it's wrapping up. They've torn down most of the structures. This was the site for the concerts. Do you see the sink in the photo?
Some things remain, like the four light poles with two lights on each pole going to the beach. I wonder if they will leave the wireless and cell service.
That would be a bonus.

The river just changed it's direction and is now flowing where people slept the other night.

These photos were taken high tide this morning.
I still want to post some more of the photos I took during the event,,, and I will as soon as I catch up.
Hermosa is beautiful. Jaco is cleaned up. Jaco was totally trashed, totally. I truly believe people think by throwing their trash down, it creates jobs for other people,,, which it does.

I took these shots with a little carry around camera and you can't see in the photo but the Costa Rica banners go all the way down the road. It's really a beautiful sight.


Jen said...

Great shots Teri! THANKS!!!!

BreeWee said...

Oh I love the pictures! Thank you for always keeping CR close to my heart through your views!