Monday, August 10

The Day After - 2009 ISA World Surfing Games

The party's over.
Before the crack of dawn on the day after, the music was turned back on for a 'one song' wake-up call. The vibrating bass pounding through the still night, waking those left over from the party the night before. Here are some shots of the beach and "the zone" around where I live. Peace has returned and I can hear the birds again.

Ho'omalamalama Pono
"Bring light, love and care to every effort, situation and intention in life"

I got that off BreeWee's blog, it helped me get through this past week and keep a generous heart in all the chaos.

Thanks for comin' Ya'll. It was great and everyone was so nice to each other.

I have lots more photos of the last day I will post soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, who is going to pick up all the trash? What a total bummer...

Anonymous said...

Trying to figure it that an inflatable HEART in the tree? And is that your ("late") tree you blogged about earlier below it?
Wishing you a good night's sleep!

TICA MACHA said...

Yes, that is the tree in 'Ode to a Tree' with the blown up heart over it. I thought it very appropriate for my favorite tree that has fallen.

All the trash creates work for many people. Personally, I got out and cleaned my own front as many people did but they were collecting, sorting recyclable, and bagging all the trash. Jaco was a complete disaster, worse than Hermosa but I was in town yesterday and it's all clean!!

Thanks for commenting, I'd quit blogging if it weren't for your comments that keep me going. I knew you would want to see what was going on here!!