Monday, August 31

Just for Fun, too

Check this out:

I've been working on making a promotional calendar for a local surfer, Alberto.
He doesn't know yet!!
Surprise, surprise!!
Want surf lessons??
Find the good surf spots?
Call Alberto Vasquez, Surf Instructor and Guide, 506-8915-5159


TICA MACHA said...

Just playing around with making a calendar and decided to use Alberto for the model. We barely know each other so I hope he is happy with this.
More surfers to come!!~

Anonymous said...

Happy with it? Time will tell! happy with the promotion I am sure, happy that someone has pictures of him hmmm. He sure should be! What an awesome subject. Nice work lady, keep it up! (no pun intended) If he was hanging on my wall, he'd be up all the time! LOL! :D

BreeWee said...

He will love it! Ive known him since he was 15, he will totally appreciate it...

Nice job Teri and nice photos!!

Jennifer said...


Anonymous said...

All ordered. How will he fit in a box though?

TICA MACHA said...

Pura Vida!!!