Tuesday, August 25

Technical Difficulties

I've had more than my share lately. It all started over installing a new wireless router. They should pack a technician in the box with it!! I can't get Playlist to work right either. It has that old message about the artist not authorizing in foreign countries. Works, doesn't work, that's COSTA RICA.

For all those that have said you are "so lucky to live in Costa Rica"... yes, it may be some luck but mostly it's sheer tenacity and persistence that got me here and keeps me here. It ain't easy, those that have come and stayed, know this. If it were luck, I'd say mine has run out but I'm still staying here.

I'll be back to blogging once I get my computer back on track! In the meantime, enjoy my favorite artist at the moment, Adele.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I do recognize your tenacity lady, and admire it greatly. Not sure I could do it at all, but a girl can dream!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and images, I really appreciate it!