Sunday, August 2

The Heat is ON!!!
Above is the link to the photos I took from a little stroll this morning. They were packed in early on the beach for the competition and it's a beautiful HOT day in Playa Hermosa! Back home, my dogs are amazingly calm with all the activity around here. I, too, am in awe of the masses of people flowing in and out loaded down with tons of beach gear and coolers. I've heard the traffic is blocked all the way to Jaco and cars litter the side of the road from here to there. People are walking miles. All the San Jose parking guys are here making a buck and maintaining some order. You can't believe how people park when left on their own. Jammed in, no way to get out. The Harleys are here in full force, alarms on cars are constantly going off, concerts at night, people cooking food on the side of the street, everyone is selling everything,,,

Yesterday I was out taking surf shots with the telephoto and I will post some photos later but I had to share "the other side". It's a bit overwhelming and truly incredible.
And this is Day 2.

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