Monday, November 10

Slide test - something new

This is just a test.
Not sure if I like this format for displaying photos. What do you think?
Hit "View All Images" to go to the site. It might work well for sequence surf shots.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

I do like the slide idea for normal shots, but yours, no. I like to look at the details and this doesn't allow for that. :)

You do need to put a watermark over your prints so they can't be copied. Do you want me to make one for you????

(free of course, for my friend!)

Anonymous said...

Asi asi. Cool but more for that family vacation type when you have a zillion shots to get through. I like to enjoy your photos a few at a time.
Your friend is right about watermarking your photos. The people that steal photos are usually looking to scam someone using those stolen photos. They are usually claiming to be selling something in the photo. Jerks.
Do you have any photos of that old tree they cut down by Arenas? It was so beautiful I would really like to see it again. Thanks for all the cool photos and the time you put into maintaining the site for the peanut gallery. :)

Anonymous said...

It is VERY cool...but more for a commercial or something. Maybe use this format when you have a bunch of pics, but still post your favorite individual pics alone.

Teri said...

I was so saddened to see them cutting down the tree that I did not take a photo of it. I even knew they were going to cut it beforehand. Now, I wish I had gotten a photo cause I'd like to see it again too. I'm sure I have photos before they split the road and before the property sold and it was developed. I always loved that corner (before KFC and what not was built).
Thanks for your comments on the slide thing. It has it's uses and I'll use it again for posting different surfers and sequence surf shots. There are different formats for display. Stay tuned, you'll see. You also can click onto the box (right side box, I think) and it will take you to the series of photos located on the site.
About watermarks, they make photos look so tacky and they're distracting. Guess I should consider it anyway. Teri