Sunday, November 2

Sunset Sunday

Those of you that know me, know I had this on my "calling card" for YEARS. Well, not exactly this photo, but one from that series. I was a little upset when I saw my photo posted on a local real estate site without my permission. Your "good" photos are funny little creatures, they are like your pets. If you let them go, you want to know where they end up and you still want some control over the matter.
I enjoy sharing my photos with all of you. It makes them come to life when I post them on my blog. Especially when people comment on them and I get feedback.
I know, it's just a picture but when you take photography seriously, it's becomes more than just pics and you become protective of "your babies".

This photo was not "Photoshopped" except to insert my name.

Photo taken March 2003 with a crap camera (I consider it "crap", since then I've bought a Canon SLR camera, digital, of course).


photoARTworks said...

Incredible that these are the natural colors! Fabulous capture!

Tica Macha said...

I lived in Hawaii and they have some incredible sunsets BUT nothing like Costa Rica. I guess being so close to the equator, the lighting is more intense.
This 'blue sunset' is a little unusual. The sunset is usually vibrant in colors. That's why I chose it for my cards.