Saturday, November 29

Where are yucca from?

That was the "question" for our Thanksgiving get together,,,
"Where are You from?". Here, everyone is from everywhere, a melting pot like Hawaii.

I was over at my friends, Jack and Beth's beachhouse yesterday and her worker pulled out of the ground some yucca and she gave me one. I went home and cleaned and skinned it, then boiled it till tender in water with salt. Mashed it up and added butter and milk like I was making mashed potatoes. I thought I had never had yucca before but come to find out, I've had it many times in restaurants. I just thought it was weird potatoes. Beth boiled and then fried her yucca and said it tasted like french fries. Yucca may grow where you live. Check out this link:

I've been here long enough that I should know all the veggies by now but I'm still on that learning curve, discovering new things all the time.
It's a wonderful life!!


wolfie_cr said...

In many ways, I suck as a Tico, I don't know much about vegetables

name, tiquizque and others......I simply know they are not animals and you can get them at the supermarket

umm,I may cook today.....Dominoes Pizza.....ummm

Anonymous said...

It's fun to try new things. But I recommend you stay away from the fruit called "noni".

Tica Macha said...

Thanks guys, I'm on the lookout for new stuff to eat since I can't get some of my old stuff (like grits). Noni is sold in the States and people swear by it. I guess it grows here. I can't stand it.
Wolfie, you can't beat Dominoes!-t

Anonymous said...

Ok, one thing is U.K and another Yucatán. But I 'm sure you clearly distinguish from "yuca" and "yucca". They are worlds apart!And that's no "lion"!If you had not already read it-which it seems likely you have- I recommend you read A HEDGE OF CROTON , which is the first chapter of the book by James Michener, Caribbean.When it come to staples Caribbean, it doesn't get more Caribbean than "yuca" (cassava, manioc). Alex Hailey was very fond of the "root", which by the way "rhymes" with "fruit" ;-) hehee!
United Kingdom greetings! (U.K)

Anonymous said...

Ah, and by the way, remember that for ticos a "yuca" is also a lie.A lie like calling your wife your sister. In that sense it can be said that "Abraham era un yuquero con Abimelech" o "Abraham era puras yucas" (Abraham era puras mentiras) hehee

Tica Macha said...

Interesting,,, thanks for that.

Blog Bloke said...

Sounds yucci to me but then again I burn water.

Speaking of grits I just watched one of my favorite movies again "My Cousin Vinni" and I learned it takes 20 minutes to boil them properly. But knowing me I would probably just burn them.

That's what you get for being a computer addict and losing track of reality. I need help!

Tica Macha said...

Step away from the computer Bloke.
I thought you were doing pretty good and getting in family time. I hope you are just kidding about being a computer addict. I was but I started sewing and cooking and not much time for computer except learning a new program (Photoshop). Take care Bloke,
soon there will be CUA (Computer User Anonymous)