Wednesday, October 25

Hung out to dry

About two years ago I went to a welder to have him make me a couple of old fashioned "T" style posts for a clothesline. I had finally purchased a washing machine but didn't want to buy a dryer. It's expensive to use and seemed pointless when the sun is so plentiful. He had no idea what a "T" clothesline post was so I drew a picture, he made it and installed it. Works great and I'm sure he has made others by now.
We are dead in the rainy season right now and it is difficult to dry clothes outside so I, being the clever one, installed two lines in my laundry room and the ceiling fan drys my stuff overnight just fine.

The one sure thing here is that there is usually a solution for everything, you just have to be resourceful and think "outside the box."

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TICA MACHA said...

This post is dedicated to the BlogBloke while he is off-line and recovering from exploratory surgery. Hang in there Bloke.