Thursday, October 19

The Street of Jaco

You just never know what you will find walking down the one main street of downtown Jaco. Usually, there are scanty clothed "girls" or surfers carrying their boards.
Of course, vendors of all sorts selling their wares. The first photo is of the local "granasada guy". He works the street everyday.
(Note horses loose to the left)
Granasada is a shaved ice drink with powdered milk sprinkled on top, a little condensed milk poured over the ice and fruit flavored syrup. It must be stirred all together before you sip it with a straw. Beware, freeze brain to follow.

There was a time in town when you could ride your horse down main street without a hassle. Now, all you see in town are the horses without the riders. They escape to graze on greener grass near their old pastures. It is quiet alarming to see them crossing the road with no regard to traffic. Escapee horses walking freely down main street helps to keep Jaco "charming". The contrast of the horses with the huge billboards for future construction projects is soooo Costa Rican right now. Behide the tin fence in the photo was a grazing pasture just a few months ago. The horses remember.

The photo of the horses walking on the sidewalk was taken in front of Sunrise Restaurant, charming.

(click onto photo to enlarge)

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