Tuesday, October 24

Take it SLOW

Even when you go slow, it can result in disaster.
Take for instance this photo of my car wiping out this little "casita" in front of the hotel where everyone pays their water bill. It moved so slowly forward, I didn't even notice until it hit the column and caused a chain reaction (kinda like a house of cards). This resulted in the owner waking up and SCREAMING at me that my car was too big and I was dangerous with it. The wife consoled me and it ended up costing $500 to make things right. I learned a very valuable lesson, USE MY HAND BRAKE. I'm from the flat lands of South Florida and the practice of using a hand brake has taken a conscious effort on my part.
I remember better now after that incident. I got lucky that time.

The one big fault I have seen with people newly here is they want it NOW (me included). There is little instant gratification here and it pays to WAIT for the right guy for the right job or the right research for the right purchase. You really don't know what ends up when you first get here. It appears like a mini-America (U.S.A.) at first glance but only after putting in your time here do you realize IT'S NOT and doesn't care to be.

REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE. I can't emphasize this enough. Go SLOW and take into consideration the long range effects. Someone may be able to do the job promptly but chances are, it will have to be done again. My friends and I joke about it's not done right unless you do it twice,
at least. Pura Vida.

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