Friday, October 20

So tell me....

Photo of pillow street vendor on Jaco Beach Strip

Does anyone subscribe to my blog?
If so, do you get repeat messages that I have posted a "new" blog everytime I make changes to a blog I have "published"?
So you know, I blog mostly to use my photos. When I type up the text and insert the photos, I never know exactly how the photos will "fall" on the page unless I "publish" it. One simple solution is to "unsubscribe". Or, ignore the "notices" sent automatically when I edit.
So goes blogging.

or comment on blog (delay in publishing comment)


Saratica said...

I just get the one notice that a new blog post has been posted. I change my posts CONTINUOUSLY... if everyone got a notice everytime I changed something, the world's email system would stop up!

Are these those pillows filled with the little balls of foam? That man needs to be punished for making those things.

Blog Bloke said...

Hmm. Sounds familiar.

I received the same complaint so what I did was I disabled the option to automatically ping in the blogger dashboard. Then I only ping when I want to.

So where have been Teri? I've missed you!