Tuesday, October 24

Broken Board Beach

I finally got curious and walked down to the beach to check out the new "public access" road. Luckily, the "public" doesn't even know it exist yet. Tricky entrance and the beach access road dead ends into a huge drop off. The New Beach access road has cut across the Old walking path but it's still passable with a little effort. What was so interesting (besides the new pubic access to "my" beach) were the materials (trees) used to make the barrier fence.
The "hieroglyphics" are created by the termites.
I suspect we will have a whole new breed of "termitas" with this new access road.
I call my beach "Brok'in Da Board Beach" (English - Broken Board Beach). There are some huge breaks and I see many guys walking with their head hung low, carrying their board in two parts. There are no warning signs posted so, Surfer Beware.

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