Thursday, November 2


Trust me, I'm not alone on this. I have heard many women say that while they were visiting, they met many men here that "seemed" eligible. Well, I have news for them, when moving to Jaco,Costa Rica.... B.Y.O.B. - "Bring Your Own Boy"
I had never had a problem "dating" until I moved here, a tourist beach town.
It seems that all the Gringos (American males) feel "American Women are
toooo difficult" and they would rather date a Tica (Costa Rican girl),
the younger the better. As far as dating a Tico (Costa Rican man),
there are plenty of them but monogamy just isn't part of their culture.
There are rare exceptions and those guys are already happily married.
It's very common here to see a Gringo over 50 years old with a Tica barely "legal". Since "Poverty" is the key word here, these girls jump at the chance to be taken care of by a North American in the hopes that they will have a baby, get married, and go to the United States.
This rarely happens, going to the U.S.A. part . They all have babies.
The solution -
B.Y.O.B. and lock him up in your "bodega" (storage house) when you get here!
If he ever gets to town and sees all the beautiful girls, for hire or not,
you will loose him.
...and that's the truth.


Saratica said...

I know it's easy for me to say with a husband and all - who professes he'd rather have me than a cute young tica (ok, he's a good liar?), but if he'd rather have a cute young tica, throw his ass out. He doesn't deserve me. And with all those new fine gadgets on the market today, we can afford to be choosy!!! The same scenario is true in Key West only you had to worry about losing your guy to a cuter guy!

TICA MACHA said...

I've never seen anything like it but then again, I haven't been to Malaysia and other poor countries where the girls have sex to survive. It's ugly and the men don't think anyone will know them or care. They are mostly North Americans and they shame us other North Americans living here. I feel sorry for their wives that pack their suitcases and prepare food for them to bring and eat while they are here "fishing". I see all kinds but mostly they are "cheaters" and "dirty old men".
I think it's just here in Jaco but probably it's San Jose, too. Most guys first stop after getting off the plane is the "Del Rey", it's famous for it's girls! Then they head to Jaco's Beatle Bar.