Saturday, November 11

The Dark Side

Instead of ranting about Costa Rica and it's drawbacks (the dark side),
I will refrain from posting for a few days until I feel well again.
It's hard to see things in a good light when you feel bad.
Just check back sometime next week for the "Sunnier Side"
of life here, hopefully.
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'Till then...


Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better and blogging again very soon...
Hearing your voice today brightened up MY dark day. Thanks!
Get well,

Blog Bloke said...

That goes for me too. Been there and done that. But there's nothing like a good sleep and a tequila to cure what ails ya.

Hope to see you on your feet soon.

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks guys. No tequila for me until I can get off these antibiotics. Then, it's a double shot for you both. Maybe a couple of Pilsen too! I don't drink usually but I'll have something to celebrate. Good Health! :)