Thursday, November 9

MOHO in Jaco

"Moho" in Spanish is mold or fungus.
For months, I've been trying to twist a spin on "moho" as a joke
since we do have mo' ho's in Jaco than you can shake a stick at.
But MOHO is no laughing matter. I have been battling a fungus
infection for over a month now. I took the prescribed treatment
and thought I was cured. The infection boom-a-ranged on me
and hit me even harder on the next go around causing migranes, fever,
coughing, and a whole plethora of new symptoms.
During the rainy season, we are aware here of the dengue infection (caused by mosquitos)
but rarely connect our "ailments" with the fungi created by the constant moisture.
(link - Wikipedia list 435 types of fungus infections)
Link to Doctor Fungus website

Just giving you a heads up. If you stay sick and can't figure out what's wrong with you,
it's probably due to MOHO.
Eight months of dry season is coming (El Nino) so there will be some relief, sort of.
Blistering hot, everyday, so dry the ground cracks and you sweat while standing still. (Big Sigh)


Just Jen said...

I've been wondering about moho around our house. The cough I've had for nearly two months finally subsided after a terrible two weeks with a vicious strain of gripe. Gallons of warm water with lime and honey did the trick.

TICA MACHA said...

All this rain definitely presents "hidden" problems. I've practically bleached my whole house trying to eliminate the mold. A good coat of varnish helps with the wooden items. (Can't varnish during the rainy months) Every year I try to be more prepared but I never am.