Wednesday, November 1

"El Angel"

Hello, my name is Tica Macha
and I am a choc-la-holic.
I only consume chocolate when absolutely necessary
and only in small amounts.
That is why I was so thrilled to find, here, the perfectly packaged chocolate product for a chocolate junkie as myself. It is very hot here and most places aren't air-conditioned so the chocolate melts or it's very soft (unless it's refrigerated, which is rare). Also, there's that ant problem. Once the package is opened, it's free game.

Costa Rica has surpassed my expectations by packaging liquid chocolate in the perfect "dose".... a small plastic pouch. It is easy to transport in my purse or car, conveniently accessible in emergencies for when I need a quick fix. Just rrr-Rip open the corner and squeeze out the smooooth chocolate.

"El Angel" - Sabor con Amor (Flavor with Love).

It's best thing I've discovered since Godiva Chocolate Liqueur.
"El Angel" is non-alcoholic and I can rationalize the benefits.

"To some chocolate is as good as love. To others it's better"

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