Wednesday, January 10

Starlight Shower

You just haven't lived until you had a brisk cold showered under the starlight. I don't have a outdoor shower so the garden hose had to suffice. I remember the days when all I had were cold showers, but they were inside the house, in the shower. I didn't have a hot water heater here for the first year or so. You get use to it. Most Ticos don't use hot water, ever. It really does make you feel all fresh.

I've had hot water now for a couple of years and have gone back to my gringa comforts of back home. You'd be surprised to learn how many older homes DO NOT have a hot water heater. It comes under that "buyer beware" category. I ended up buying a water heater from Germany that heats the water as it's passing through. It's a small box and is located in the laundry room. The typical Tico water heater heats water at the showerhead. A pure electrical mess, fondly referred to as a "widow maker".

I've been without electric, without hot water, even without water but this, not being able to use anything that would fill my septic tank, will be quiet the new challenge. It's only temporary. Pura Vida.

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Jen said...

I had my first outdoor showing while vacationing in Maine one year. After that I strung the backyard hose over a tree branch many time in our former live's in the Arizona desert. Hope to have one at our new house...whenever we get one of those.