Wednesday, January 3

"To Tell the Truth"

Back where I'm from, a man is as good as his word and deals are made with a handshake.
My mantra, "Remember where you are", comes in handy here.
It is a little known fact that Costa Ricans (being very courteous) will tell
you what you would like to hear and not necessarily tell you "the truth".
They will agree with you as not to hurt your feelings. Remember, this is
a non-confrontation country. They will accept an invitation never intending to attend. They will agree to work and never show. Many days I have waited for a worker to show and not receive a call or even see them. ICE (our phone/electric company) told me "manana" for a month! I waited deligently everyday. I would even see the truck pass and think it was stopping at my house only to see it keep on going. They finally did come and connect my phone line at 5:30 at night. Go figure.
I was happy they came at all. For some, it takes MONTHS to get a phone connected.
God Bless those ICE boys!
It took me awhile to catch on to this "way of life" and I don't take it personal, they do it to each other, too. It's just part of the "Pura Vida" lifestyle.

Now, I find myself doing it. Agreeing to meet someone in the "un-designated future" knowing it will probably never happen.


Blog Bloke said...

Later dude ;-)

Blog Bloke said...
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Jen said...

I make all my plans in pencil, changable, erasable...If I make plans with someone "in pen" that means I'll do my dammedest to be there somewhere near the time suggested. In Costa Rica I've learned you never know what you'll end up doing until the moment to do it is upon you.

TICA MACHA said...
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TICA MACHA said...

Jen, once you adjust to this method of planning, it actually can be liberating!!
No committments, no problems.

Tim said...

For those who make it a habit to be on time and on schedule, I can see how it might drive them crazy.