Tuesday, January 30

To My Loyal Readers

To all two of you, just a post to let you know things aren't as they appear.
Yes, it's been fun starting a new relationship and having a playmate but
I have been also sick as a dog and getting things ready for my long-time friend, Kim, and her husband to come stay with me. My spare-room serves as my throw-all, garage room. Lots of sorting and cleaning to do plus I'm finally motivated to make the curtains for that room. I've had all the material for a couple of years but I kindda liked the black plastic curtains I had up. They blocked out the sun and looked so horrible that it deterred people from asking if they could rent that room. When you live in a big house alone, people just assume you want company.
All is good in paradise except for this blasted cough I have. It's hot
as blue blazes (400 hells) so when I do get out of my a/c'd room, I start coughing more. Yes, I'm taking antibiotics and trying like hell to get well so I can party with Kim like the old days!
I'll be better about blogging, I promise.

p.s. The photo is for Lisa and Sarah. Sam is fine and WE ALL miss you two!!
How is Canada treating you and don't you miss Jaco? We miss you!


Saratica said...

I am so happy and relieved to hear you are good! I knew it was a good thing, but was always wondering about the grippe that has you in it's... grip. Have fun with your buddies - all of them - wish I had some ideas on the grippe! Pura vida!!!

TICA MACHA said...

I'm still waiting to hear from Kim. She's down in Pavones staying in a tree house, feeding the monkeys right now. I have sewn miles and miles making these damn curtains for the guest room. Sure looks better than the black plastic curtains. :)