Thursday, January 11

Modern Day Hero

I wanted to write about the heroic act of one man, Wesley Autrey, when it happened last week but I let it pass. Today, Mr. Wesley Autrey rang the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange with his family by his side. It brought me chills to think how one person can truly make a difference in another's life. Wesley Autrey is now listed on Wikipedia and you can read about him here.

I am still in awe how a complete stranger would risk his own life by jumping on a subway track with an oncoming train, to save another person's life. A true modern day hero. I hope he becomes a very rich man. He is rich at heart already.
Wesley Autrey, forever to be known as the "Subway Superman". Truly awesome.


Anonymous said...

Amen. Humanity at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere, buried in all the short-term publicity from playboy and the Donald, was the hero's synopsis that he did it because he didn't want his daughters, who were traveling with him, to wonder why their daddy didn't do anything to save the man...if all of humanity could base their words and action on what their children might think, this would be a perfect world. A true hero, indeed.
Gringa Beth.

Chris said...

We need more people like him. It's great that so many people recognized his heroism.

Tim said...

The world could use the heroism of more people such as Wesley Autrey. His actions are a testimonial to the innate goodness of humankind.