Monday, January 1

Me and My Shadows

It all started with the horrible thunderstorms we have here during the rainy season.
Macha, one of my pups, was terrified and insisted on coming inside the house
with her pitiful whimpers and outcries.
Of course, the others followed. I don't care for the lightning much either so I was happy to have the company.
With the celebrations for Christmas, fireworks every night for a week, and
then the culmination of New Year's Eve celebrations...they now ALL sleep inside.
I swear there was a cannon firing on some nights.
Last night at midnight, all of them were trying to get IN THE BED with me.
The blasts were intense and seemed almost never-ending.
I fear I have set a precedence for the new year and they now expect to
sleep indoors. They follow me like my shadow, making every move I do, going
up and down the stairs, waiting to move with my next motion.
Considering robbers poison dogs here before robbing, maybe they should sleep inside.
Sweeping and mopping my floor every morning has become part of my morning routine anyway.
Happy New Year to All.


Blog Bloke said...

Happy New Year!

You will be surprised to know that I miss thunderstorms. We don't get them here much on the coast of British Columbia.

TICA MACHA said...

I'm from Florida where we KNOW not to seek shelter under a tree. I've NEVER seen lightning like what we get here. I just saw a t.v. program on Lightning and gained a whole new respect for the unpredictable creature!
Hope all is good with you in B.C.
(not much else matters when you don't have THAT!)

Blog Bloke said...

I also saw a show that thousands of people are hit by lightning every year. Hearing the sound of thunder comes (almost) as a relief knowing that you weren't hit.

Check it out: Regional Blogs give Insights into Local Communities.

Anonymous said...

I saw ME featured on your blog. Boy, was I surprised. Does this mean I'll be famous now? You have tons of readers. Thanks for the plug. It really lifted my spirits.
I think we may have watched the same show about lightning. Here, during the rainy season (6 months)it comes from nowhere with no rain. No warning what-so-ever. It will scare the pajeebees out of you. I stay away from windows and water! (My house has windows EVERYWHERE! even a dome)- Teri
-Blogger is acting up again and will not post using my i.d.-