Friday, July 13

Friday the 13th - "Midnight"

Have you ever heard of friggatriskaidekaphobia?
Say THAT three times. Sounds scary!
Friday the 13th is just another day in paradise living here.

This has been a rip-roaring week in the stock market (new all time Dow, Nasdaq, S & P highs) and I've watched Garmin hit new 52 week highs nearly every(damn)day. Truly, Garmin has whipped me this time since I traded against it. There's still time before my Oct/70 put options expire. GRMN has ramped up over 10 points since I bought my puts a couple of weeks ago. :(
School starts back next Monday and I'm almost over the flu. Not much of a vacation for me but at least I can take it easy and I have gotten plenty of rest.

So today, get out, have fun and forget about silly superstitions. Reality is what you make of it.

The photo is of "Midnight", one of my sister's cats. He is now living his 10th life in cat heaven.

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Blog Bloke said...

Don't forget the last bubble that burst. Everything that goes up must eventually come down.