Friday, July 20

The Prince Returns

I could hardly believe my eyes this morning when I saw the dog's water dish all murky looking. I know what that means.... the big frog is back. I went on a search and sure enough, he was in his usual day spot, under the lawnmower. How on earth did he find his way back?! I know you are thinking it's a different frog but it's the SAME ONE. He has lived here for years and no matter how many times I have taken him to the river, he returns. Last time, I took him way down the river to a nice little spot that looked like a frog paradise to me. Obviously, his paradise is sleeping on my secured patio, eating leftover dog food every night, and sleeping in his own little private frog pond.
Live and let live. Honestly, I was happy to see he found his way back home.


Anonymous said...

He's in a pot.
With water.
Add a dash of salt,
some heat.
And you got frog legs for dinner!

(PS Kidding)

TICA MACHA said...

I've thought of dressing him up in little hobo outfit. I've gotten really fond of him even though he is poisonous for the dogs. They leave him alone and he hides all day where they can't reach him.

Ever see the drawing of frog legs being served at a restaurant by a leg-less frog in a wheel chair?
I haven't eaten frog legs again since I saw it.

Blog Bloke said...

Some friends we choose and some choose us, and it looks like you've made a real friend there. Since he has a penchant for dog food, he doesn't by any chance bark does he. That would be a bonus.

Anonymous said...

If he barked, would that make him a "bull dog frog"?

TICA MACHA said...

You guys crack me up. I'm soooo glad he doesn't bark. We're actually becoming quite close. I picked him up with my bare hands to move him into his "new" frog pond. He made a "uumfff" sound. He later jumped out and went back to the dog waterdish. You can lead a frog to water...

Anonymous said...

...but he might "rana way".

Sorry, couldn't resist.

!!!No mas, no mas!!!

BlogBeth said...

OK I'm dying to try my new less- anonymous-persona. I finally signed up for google-blog-a-bility.

So if y'all haven't figured it out yet, "rana" is Spanish for "frog".

No longer anonymous.
B E T H.

La Gringa said...

I have the same problem! Only our frog is about 3 times that size. He fills up the whole water bowl. El Jefe keeps taking him far away but he keeps coming back. Not only is he fouling the dogs water, but apparently he is eating the dog's food because he's so fat now that he can hardly walk.

EJ says that next time, he's going for a car ride!

TICA MACHA said...

That's TOO FUNNY. My frog came back or at least I THINK it's the same one. Yep, a long car ride is probably the only thing that will keep this guy gone!