Friday, July 6

End Week Wrap-Up

WHO KNEW, when I bought Puts on Garmin about two weeks ago, GRMN would have a 52 week high nearly EVERYDAY!
"If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all". Garmin KEEPS making tops even when it has been downgraded.
"Patience, my dear, patience."
It's still painful to watch. Never short a stock you love. The pain is even greater.

Schools out for vacation! They let out last week for two weeks. We don't have "summer vacation" in the "summer". In fact, I think it's considered winter right now. School is out around Christmas time for their "summer vacation". Although I haven't been volunteering at the school for long, I was ready for a vacation. Time to regroup and make a plan for action! I didn't realize how hard teaching English could be. The hardest part is not understanding Spanish very well.
No one speaks/understands English at the school right now.

Say farewell to "Froggy". Tom confirmed that he IS poisonous so today, I take him far enough away that he can't find his way back home. He's lived here for years but he's just a frog and it's time he hopped along.

I got a real shocker this week. My girlfriend (for 16 years) and her husband are buying property here in Dominical. I am ecstatic. Anyone know of any sites with a checklist of "what to know BEFORE you buy"?
We Love Costa Rica is a good site. "How to Buy Real Estate Without Losing Your Shirt" was written by the site's owner, Scott Oliver.

I've been sick with "gripe" (gree-pay, aka-the flu) and I'm finally going to the doctor today, she comes once a week to Jaco. The fighting dogs (Mela and Macha) go back to the vet for injuries from their last fight last Saturday. Second trip this week. I have a trick for them next fight. I have my fire extinguisher ready to put out the fire in their fight! I'm pure sick of it and don't want to give up either dog. "Peace, Love and Harmony", my motto.

So, that's it in Pura Vida land. Buen Vida to all.

The cost of "gripe" turning into respiratory infection:
$40 - Doctor visit
$48 - Elequine 750 mg (5 tablets)
$22 - Singulair 10mg (10 tablets)
$6 - Perebron cough medicine

Not coughing my head off - Priceless.

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