Saturday, July 14

Surf - Rain or Shine

Surfers are a special breed. They truly live to surf. It's the adrenaline addiction. They will buy board wax before they buy food. It's THAT important.

Today is the Roxy Surf competition at my beach and the turnout is pretty good considering it is raining.
A slow, steady drizzle with a heavy down pour every now and then.

I saw them setting things up yesterday and this morning at 7 am, I could hear the announcements and music coming from this roving boom box.

There were some decent waves but I don't have a telephoto lens so this is what I got. You can click on photo to enlarge. The first photo was cropped with my computer. I really want a telephoto!

Watching the finesse of these surfers ride the wave to the end is Awesome!
I guess you have to live it to love it. Pura Vida.

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Saratica said...

You are right - the boys have to see this! We are going on our little trip over the next three weeks (next blog post). When is the next big competition? We will come - Hal probably won't, just me and the boys... OF COURSE I'm coming to see hot young men in bikinis.