Monday, July 30

The New Tyson

This settles it. From now on, Macha will be known as "Mike Tyson". My sister dogs had ANOTHER really, really bad fight yesterday and Macha about bit off Mela's ear. It was a horrible scene and I'll spare you the photos of the bloody mess. Fact is, I didn't even think to take photos this time.

It happened about 1:00 in the afternoon on Sunday while I was peacefully making peanut butter cookies for the guys next door. One of the guys next door brought his Beagle dog to work and they were making dog howling sounds and cat cries (the guys were doing this) to get the Beagle to howl. THIS makes my dogs crazy! Not long after, my dogs turned on each other when they couldn't get to the dog (or the howling guys). Grown men acting like idiots! I'm beginning to think they LIKE to see a dog fight!

My grand plan for "the next fight" was to turn the fire extinguisher on them but after I tested it the other day, all the pressure leaked out so that was out. In the scramble to separate them, I got a bite this time, on my right hand. I can't imagine how these dogs keep going at it. Dog bites are very PAINFUL!

My regular vet was no where to be found so I called Katjia who heads up the Jaco McKee Project. They have just completed their new clinic for the Jaco Area Animal Rescue and Vet services. I am so glad I did because this was so severe, I don't think my regular vet would have handled it in the same way.

Both dogs had to be anesthetized so he could suture their wounds. The ears and eyes were the most delicate. He also hooked them to an I.V. for electrolytes. The whole process of patching them back together took about four hours.

I thank God we have the McKee Project and a 24 hour vet in Jaco. Dr. Victor is absolutely fantastic. The facility is like a REAL hospital with all the bells and whistles. Very sanitary and VERY professional. I have supported the McKee project in the past but nothing like I plan to do in the future.
They are Life Savers.
Thank you so much and I plan to do a special post just for them real soon.
They are having a fund drive tomorrow night and I WILL BE THERE (with camera).
Please visit their website: The Jaco McKee Project

LEERBURG is the best site I have found on dog fighting problems and it has great info on dog training.


Anonymous said...

After all these dog fights, wouldn't the humane thing to do is seperate your dogs or get rid of the fighter. Once they fight this won't end. Your dog looks like it has pit bull in it. I fear for your safety.

TICA MACHA said...

You're right. Tell me, who wants a dog that wants to fight? I am to the point that I would give up one of them but I cannot find a good home. I keep thinking that one or the other will determine which is the dominant one and this crap will end.
I fear for my safety too!
If you've never witnessed a dog fight, it is worse than any boxing match I've ever seen. It makes me physically sick.

Anonymous said...

Hi.... My heart goes out to you....many years ago my husband allowed his friend to board a few of his pitbulls on our ranch. I was terrified of them & my sons were fearful too. One got off it's chain and tore up another dog on a chain, while 2 of my sons tried to seperate them..screaming, using water hose, brooms, it was something I'll never forget. They had nightmares for a long time. The dog died. Then our neighbor bashed one of the dogs to death the same day. Needless to say...those dogs left our place very fast. Just lately, a pit mix, bite my little grandbaby above her eye...7 stitches....aggressive dogs scare me. I have been reading your blog for awhile, I'm a sister of someone who you know. You write a real storey of Costa Rica, and I respect that in you. I know you have these dogs, part for your safety.... so making a decisions on what to do..must be hard for you.

Leah said...

I of the dogs has to go or you or one or both of them are going to end up hurt or dead by their fighting. I bet there would be people in Costa Rica who would take a fighter dog. Since the police force is so lax, a lot of people use fighter dogs to protect their land and themselves.

TICA MACHA said...

Thank you all. I've seen the horror stories on the internet when I searched "how to stop fighting dogs". The dog bite photos were really scarey. I am not a big/aggressive dog person. I "inherited" the Staffordshire Terrior/Chow mother and brought her to CR with me along with the love of my life dog, Homey (Pek-a-poo). Homey got killed and Brindy got pregnant. I thought it was a good idea to keep some of the puppies having been robbed a few times and needing security.
It seems when they hit 2 years old (they're neutered), they started this fighting. They are really sweet dogs and really not aggressive to people. The two sisters are very jealous of each other so I spend all my time giving them equal attention and walking them together so they can play. It's only when "outer influences" come up that they fight each other. They are fine all together in the house. I have written to three different dog trainers for advice and NONE responded. That's when I started searching the internet. If you could see them, you would understand. They are really very sweet and devoted to me.

Raghav said...

That was all about dog-dog fights.
What about child-being-chased-by-dog fights?

When I was doing kindergarten, I was chased by an aggressive dog. I have been scared of dogs since.

When I was 12 years old, I was chased by a BIG dog. I was riding my bike off road and I didn't even hear the dog chasing me. The dog tried to bite me, but could sink his teeth in, he missed. That's when I saw the dog.
I escaped, thanks to my speedy bike.

Do you think this is the reason people are scared of dogs?
If they are chased by dogs in childhood, they grow up to be scared of dogs?

TICA MACHA said...

For sure, that's a good reason to fear dogs! When I walk my dogs (2 at a time), they are ALWAYS on a leash. Not for the other people but for other dogs running loose. Outside their territory, they are friendly to people BUT if someone has a dog, they will go for the dog. I have immense respect for the safety of others and their beloved pets.
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. When I was little, my pet cocker spaniel bit me under my eye. It still gets red when I cry.

bob said...

ya gotta make a choice..... really.

TICA MACHA said...

If I could find a good home and a loving Mom for my pup, I'd let them choose which one they wanted. It will hurt equally whichever they choose. They both a really good dogs. They just have a problem with each other.

Kate said...

We were at the McKee fundraiser last night and had a great time. I wish I knew you were there! We adopted a puppy through them earlier this year. They are so great! Maybe they can help you place one of your dogs.

TICA MACHA said...

I'm helping the vet, Victor, with English lessons and have been
involved with the McKee in the past. I also wished I could
recognize you! My photo is on my blog but then again,
that WAS when I first arrive. I've put on some hard years since
then. My hair is not as long. I was sitting by the stairs
on the bar side next to Christina (blonde) and Gaby (Tica) from the Chamber.
Great turn-out huh? Hope they do it again soon.

I'm picky about who could have one of my dogs. I'm the type
that cooks liver for them everynight to mix with their dry food.
I try and do all the right stuff with flea treatment, baths, walks, etc.
I would expect the new owner to do the same but there's no
guarantees. My dogs are like my kids, sad but true. Since
I've never had children, it's close enough for me at this late date.

Well, we'll just have to meet. I'm sure we know a lot of the same
people. Jaco's really small. What do you look like? Gotta photo?
Thanks for letting me know - we probably passed each other last night and never knew. I was walking around taking photos of the event.

Pura Vida and see ya next time!