Thursday, July 5

My Blog Bar Chart

Isn't this something? It's the visits to my blog this past month. It doesn't mean much to me. I guess if I were a real blogger, it would mean more. I like checking it to see if it correlates to whether I write (or not) or if it's totally random, just hits. This meter also documents where, when and duration of visit. Now that's totally cool. I know EXACTLY when my sister checks my blog. I'm waiting....

This post is for YOU! There you are, somewhere on that chart. Thanks for checking back when I don't post anything for days, weeks. I'm still working on what is "blog worthy" and I go through spells of "blogger's block". I had intended for my blog to be more adventurous. I seem to stay too busy to play tourist. Same as in Florida.
Stay with me, I'll take you somewhere. I promise.

Right now, the NY Stock Market is back trading after being closed a day and a half for the 4th of July holiday. The narcissist (me) has other charts to check.

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