Saturday, August 2

Blog Blocked

Saturday morning:
For some unknown reason, Blogger gives me a Error message when I click onto it.
I still sign on using my yahoo account... is that why I get this message?
Blogger just does Google now? Sorry folks.
"Walking for Jesus" post is coming soon.

Saturday afternoon:
Seems to be working fine now. Works, doesn't work. Just like here!
I've been enjoying our beautiful weather here and walking dogs so I'll get
back to blogging later now that Blogger is back up working.

Pura Vida, Teri

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Teri, I couldnt log on but I could see the Rebel flag and read part of you posting befor the abort light came on. I thought, DAMN !!! Tica Macha done pissed someone off and they pulled her plug. (hell raiser,rebel,crazy souther girl) Great to see your back up and running. Remember what grandpa use to say, "It dont stink until you stir it"
Peace Love And Harmony T,