Wednesday, August 27

Meet Rosco - Street Dog

Rosco looks happy now but about two weeks ago, he was almost killed.... by my dogs.
My Brindy (mother to the three other dogs I have) has been in heat and this attracted Rosco to squeeze through my gate to pay her a visit (Rosco is neutered but that doesn't make a difference). Brindy has had the operation to be spayed but she was too fat so it wasn't completed. This dog has circulated my neighborhood for a couple of months and I assumed he belonged to someone around here. I was upstairs when I hear this horrible yelping. I flew down the stairs to find both Max and Brindy pulling him from limb to limb. When I opened the door, Macha quickly joined in the pack. I got my dogs off of him and the poor pup ran back to the barn where he's been hanging out. I went over to check his injuries and loaded him up in my car to go to the vet. The injuries were mainly puncture wounds so Dr. Jose Manual, who has cared for my dogs for years, gave him some shots and the antibiotics/anti-inflammatory pills for his recovery.

I know I can't take him back where he's been staying after talking with the owner. He is not wanted there, only tolerated. He needs his meds for five days so I call my friend Mike ( and he arranges for his son, Evan, and girlfriend, Joey, to care for the dog in their home while he recovers.

Poor thing, he really didn't know what was happening but was happy to find himself inside someone's home and took to the tile floor covered with a towel immediately. He seemed grateful to be where someone cares and he was very happy to receive love.

The couple and Mike needed to leave for their 72 hours out of the country so I was panicking, where to take the dog now? Not to my house since my dogs won't allow it. My friend Angela has a home with a fenced yard and offered to keep him for the three days.

So, I go to the couple's home to pick up the dog to take to Angela's and he is nervous about going with me. After all, I probably smell like the bad dogs that attacked him. We (me and Rosco) go to Jaco to pick up Angela and to go to her house. It wasn't two minutes after we arrived, the dog found a way out of her fence through the gate,,, and he was GONE. In my custody for less than an hour and I've lost him. I was in a panic because it was getting dark and starting to rain. I took off in flip-flops, looking for him and finally found him way back in the woods (read jungle). When he saw me, he just went deeper in the wet jungle and was out of sight in seconds. I didn't know what to do so I called Mike to let him know that the dog had gotten out and was lost in the woods. They were to leave the next day for their trip and it was really raining by now.

It was less than an hour when I got a call from Mike that Rosco had arrived at their home and made himself known by scratching on their front door. If they had any doubts about adopting Rosco, this courageous journey through the woods in the dark and rain, confirmed their decision. Rosco had adopted them.

I went back and this time, took Mike and Joey with Rosco back to Angela's and brought with me some wiring to secure the front gate so he couldn't escape again. The three days went by fast under Angela's loving care and when they returned from their trip, Rosco was waiting and greeted them as if he had been their pet all his life. (He's still not sure about me)

The love of a homeless dog has no comparison. I am ashame of my dogs and their action but had it not happened like it did, I feel Rosco would have been killed by the heavy traffic on the street where he had been staying. Things work out the way they do for a reason. Thank you Mike, Joey, Evan and Angela for opening your heart and home to a lost, helpless street dog just looking for love.


wolfie_cr said...

Thanks for the story, my day is beginning and I have a headache from hell. It put a smile on my face. :)

Anonymous said...

I love happy endings.

Anonymous said...

What happened to he dog on your Aug. 20th post? It looked like he needed more than a cheeseburger. I bet I know what you said when Rosco slipped thru the gate
You did good.

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TICA MACHA said...

I always well up with tears when I read this again. To date (Nov. 2009), Rosco lives happily ever after.