Tuesday, August 26

Getting your Ducks in a Row

Maybe these are geese? Photo taken this morning of my palm tree.
I have fallen so far behind in my blog that I felt I must post something, anything. Life here can get very busy just treading water, you know what I mean if you live here. The rainy season is here. It just arrived overnight about a month ago. My grass continues to grow and I continue to search for a yard guy. I'm not ready to put back on the boots and push that thing around my yard (see past post - Meet the New Jose). Therefore, the grass is high and the ticks are abundant (post - Louse in my House). Snakes, too, for that matter but I haven't seen one. That's why it's a necessity to keep the grass short. The hibiscus hedge, well it is totally out of control, towering about 15 foot up in the sky. The iguanas love it. The alamendra (almond) tree sheds it's huge leaves daily.

We had a 'blowing rain' yesterday. I've blogged before about the rain here. In fact, that's why I started this blog. Boredom. During the rainy season. Just type in "rain" on the search in the upper left and you'll see, I mention it often. During the rain yesterday, I watched my tall palm tree sway. It made me nervous. A few people have told me that it needs cutting down but it is a sanctuary and nesting home for many types of birds. They nest in cycles and I've lived here long enough to expect their arrival. The ducks come after the Sonatas and then the green little Loras (parrots). I lament over chopping it down.

Before the fence, the ducklings dropped one by one (10 of them) from that tall palm and followed their parents over to the river. It was such a site, about 5:30 in the morning. Now, I have a fence and I am wondering how are they going to orchestrate getting through it. I have to be careful when letting out my dogs in the mornings, just in case.

Which brings me to something that happened recently. My dogs catching something inside the fence. I wasn't going to blog about it but the story has such a happy ending, I just have to share it. Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you haven't looked back on my blog, just do that when you visit and I haven't posted anything. Type something in the search box (upper left) and surely, something will come up. Make it fun.

Back to life in Costa Rica. Much to do but I will get back with the story about a street dog and him finding a loving home. Pura Vida.

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