Sunday, August 3

"Walk for Jesus"

People all across Costa Rica started their walk on Friday evening or even long before if they live far away from Cartago. This is an annual celebration for Costa Rica's honored Patron Saint, "La Negrita" on August 2nd. The walk culminates at the Basilica de Los Angeles in Cartago. I've heard people refer to this walk as the "Walk for Jesus" so that's what I'm calling it. Actually, they walk to the Basilica in Cartago to ask for healing in their life from the honored Saint, La Negrita (black Madonna).
This one parade streamed by my house late Friday afternoon going in the direction of Quepos (?), far from Cartago. It was surprising that most people were NOT smiling. Next year, maybe I'll stand out there with refreshments. Bet they'll smile then!
For more info, check out this link:,_Costa_Rica

The photo to the left was taken off my t.v. during the news hour. It's shows the Basilica in Cartago all lit up in the background. This is a big deal here with thousands participating every year.

Although channel 7 news is entirely in Spanish, I understood the security was really tight and security cameras and staff were everywhere. I bet that's fairly new. It's a shame security is a big issue here now but Costa Rica is doing a great job of protecting it's people.

FYI - I turned off the music on my blog. The hell-raising, "Te South's gunna rise again" lyrics of Bocephus just didn't fit this reverant post for now. I'll bring it back later.

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Anonymous said...

Today in San Jose CR the "Marcha de la Paz"-> really thousands w/Jesus T-Shirts went "Walking for Jesus"(REYdeLaPAZ) King of Salem(Shalom)All the followers of Jesus came together irregardless of each ones religious affiliation AMAZINGtheGRACVE!!