Friday, August 29

The Tale of Dos Pinos Milk Carton

Dos Pinos (Two Pines) is a big operation here supplying us with milk, juice, ice cream and assorted products. Their building can be seen on the way to the airport on the main pista. I'm always flying by in my car so the photos I have are blurred and buried in my picture files.

I have noticed that they keep flipping back and forth on the opening for the milk carton and was wondering why? Milk sold in these cartons does not need refrigeration until they are opened. Wonder why on this one too! Notice one side is in Spanish and the other in English.

The first time I was asked to opening one of these cartons without the spout, I opened it like you would a box. I didn't know the correct way was to lift the corner and cut it for a spout. I caught on quick and then they changed it. Now, they've changed it back to the old opening. Just something I ponder over.


wolfie_cr said...

the reason the box doesnt need refrigeration until open is because the milk is processed using something called UHT (ultra high temperature pasteurization)

Regular pasteurization kills most bacteria but still leaves some, UTH kills pretty much all bacteria and thats why it lasts longer (you can store it for months)

TICA MACHA said...

Wolfie, I always look forward to your comments because they educate us. Thanks. Teri

katemeri said...

It drives me crazy when I can't find a carton with the pouring spout. We spill milk all over the place when we have to cut our own and again when accidentally squeezing the carton too much when it's full. I end up transferring it into another plastic container.

I do like not having to refrigerate it until we open it though.

TICA MACHA said...

I know what you mean, I like being able to keep a supply on hand. I don't like the flip-top but had an ahh-ha moment in Maxi Bodega today. I can just flip up the other end and cut it across for the spout. With the flip-top, milk goes everywhere when you open it. I think they are sealed under pressure and that's why they spit out.
Those milk cartons are great for all sorts of stuff. I've filled them with water and froze them to make ice packs. Kids love them for starting plants. I've also used them when painting. It's easy to grip and has a flat side for a nice edge on a slash brush.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to Tetra Pak if you want to see more about this type of packaging. I use to work on their equipment when I worked at Minute Maid.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

We tip the carton a little sideways to pour the first few cups. It is a love hate relationship here too.:)

La Gringa said...

We have Dos Pinos in Honduras, too, and it is the same thing. One time they have the spout, another time they don't. I like the way the spout seals but it seems like they don't put it in exactly the right spot. The milk always runs down the side of the box.

I hadn't thought of using them to freeze water. Great idea.

TICA MACHA said...

Now I wonder if they distribute throughout Central America, they probably do.
I cut all of them now regardless if they have a built in opening. It's easier and pours better to cut the tip of one end for a spout.