Monday, April 6

Church on Sunday - Italy

Photo above is in the Italian Village of Paganica.

While we were enjoying beautiful weather and tranquil conditions here in Costa Rica Sunday evening, it was Monday already in Italy and they were not as fortunate as a series of earthquakes hit their central area of L'Aquila.

Our prayers are with you.


Silvana said...

My friend lives in Rome . . . for some reason something drove me to switch on my favourite news - cnn - as soon as I got out of bed. My friend in Rome slept right through it, Bless her!
Italy has also had is share of earthquakes too.

TICA MACHA said...

I was thinking of you when I posted this. The world has become so small with internet. I have visited this area and this news touched me. I know can empathize having seen what an earthquake can do. I'm glad your friend was fine.