Wednesday, April 8

Country Music and Costa Rica

I didn't know any better when I moved here, thinking there would be plenty cowboys around in Costa Rica. With a name like Jacó, and open cattle fields everywhere, you'd think they'd be cowboys. There are, but not many. Oh well, I converted a friend of mine recently with the song "I'm Gonna Miss Her" by Brad Paisley playing right now on TeriTunes. Anyone that gets in my car gets it that I drive to country music. That's about all I play in the car. Mike heard this song coming back from a trip down to Esterillos and I knew he was a confirmed country music liker right then and there. He even watched the Academy Awards for Country Music and wrote up a story about it at He's talking about me in the beginning in case you don't know. Check it out:
I doubt Jaco will ever be ready for a country bar, unless it's country reggae, but I'll keep my boots ready just in case and keep getting converts.
Country Reggae, now that's something to think about since Kenny Chesney took country singing to the island sound. Country music is for everyone, everywhere.

PSS: I couldn't resist writing "her" version of 'I'm Gonna Miss Her',
here it goes -(to be sung to the chorus of the song)

You're Gonna Miss Me
Yes, you're gonna miss me
when you get home
Right now I've hitched our trailer,
and I am as, good as gone
Yes, you're gonna miss me
when you clean that mess of fish
Get ready for your new life
ahh, lookie there,
I got my wish.

"Thank you, thank you very much" EP (hint: The King)

There's more (and different versions) but I'll save that for a rainy day.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

I too LOVE country music.
My baptism into the culture came on a long road trip with a friend {in her car} and that was all she played. It was sink or swim so I decided to swim.

'All My Ex-s live in Texas, that's why I reside in Tennesse" reminds me of that time. I bet a country bar would do well in Jaco!

Kenny baby!!!! His songs got me mentally excited to head here to CR.


TICA MACHA said...

I would have never guessed you like country! Figures, you a down to earth kind a gal. That's too funny, your road trip.
If you ever make it to Fanfare in Nashville, you'll never "see" country the same again!
You will become country.

comitan said...

watched the CMA and was very surprised with the music, It has changed dramatically in the last few years. I think there not that much difference comparing to Rock, Modern Rock oh! whatever.

TICA MACHA said...

Yes and then there's some that seem to never change except to get better, GEORGE! REBA! MONTGOMERY GENTRY just to mention a few.
Many types of music has come from country roots and role models.
Great show, something for everybody! Even JAMIE FOX??? He did say some stupid stuff like him being the first "black man" there. That's so not true.

Brett said...

Down here in southern Esterillos we likes both kinds of music, country AND western, Soda Mary- Pura Vida Texas Style Yall...

Patricia said...

Hi! By any chance, do you happen to know if there is a place, restaurant or a bar where you can listen to country music in Costa Rica? I live in San JOaquin de Flores in Heredia and I´d love to find a place like that to hang-out after work. God bless!! Patty C.

la Macha said...

I wish but no, I do not know of any. Great business idea for someone cause Ticos love country music, too!
sorry it took so long to respond.... got locked out of account for a bit.