Tuesday, April 7

Take a Hike

Check this out, totally cool video of some long time residents of Jaco hiking Miro's mountain. I aspire to do it just once and they hike it often. Mind you, the couple in this video are proud to be over 70 and living the Good Life in Paradise.

Please "Pause" TeriTunes so you can hear Ken talk on this video about their journey.


Anonymous said...

It's kind of nice, but a shame.

Peggy said...

This video makes me want to come back and visit. I really enjoyed our kind of scary hike to the waterfall and back. :)
It was so fun exploring with you Teri!

TICA MACHA said...

Yes Peggy, it's time for your return visit.
I know what you mean about "ashame". How come humans can willy nilly destroy so much of mother nature's wonders?

BreeWee said...

Oh man, this made me want to make a trip today! You and your fotos and videos always do that to me, I love seeing it all but man I miss it! I talked to Zet yesterday (not sure if you know him) he told me Juan scored a GREAT job as the head chef in that new restaurant that opened... it's nice to see that the surfer boys are "growing up" sort of... ha ha!
Take care chica!!

TICA MACHA said...

I knew that would get to you Bree.
My friends Beth and Jack were visiting here recently (they just went home :( to Ohio....burrr),
anyway, they walked Miros mountain or the mountain near me almost EVERY DAY. I was impressed. I know Beth and Jack will enjoy it as well. Ken did a great job of filming his and Norma's regular walk. I spoke with Norma today and they are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

I usually have someone in mind or a photo/song I want to post and that is what fuels my blogging. I never have a plan, I just blog whatever I feel like, in that moment.
Pura Vida.