Friday, April 3

BIG Rain

Well, the clouds finally let loose what I would call a tumultuous rain early this morning.
(See "Rain Check" for other kinds of rain)
Power outages around 9:30 p.m. The kind where it goes on,,,off,,,on,,,off -
You just run around as fast as possible unplugging stuff. Yes, I have a voltage regulator on my outside meter and I have surge protectors but these power surges have been known to wipe it ALL out.
HOT, HOT, HUMID - no fans... you just tough it out to sleep and be grateful for a roof over your head because you know the BIG Rain is coming. It was the first good rain in many months. Everything is dry, brown, and/or dead. My grass, it's dormant except for the weeds,,, they're knee high right now. Fires popping up from careless smokers (and controlled burning). It's DRY, bone dry.
Usually with a BIG Rain, there's no water because the water filters clog from the mud BUT that didn't happen so maybe progress is being made with the new water filtration system.

Thank you Lord my roof doesn't leak, much.
Pura Vida.
Teri Tunes is playing an old favorite that has been looping in my head for days.
I wonder sometimes about how personal to be on my blog. I have met so many wonderful and considerate people through my blogging and I cherish our friendships.
You have connected with me when I felt isolated and supported me and my efforts.
Playing now - Leon Russell - Sing This Song For You


Anonymous said...

Teri, Great song.
Teri, Your blog is a reflection of you and your life as you are living it right now. It's you being you. Thats what matters and makes us happy. I'm sure all of your readers thank you for that.
Pura Vida

Jen said...

I'm thankful for my virtual friend! Blogging has been an excellent resource for finding friends. In three years we've only had one friend who was a friend before our new lives come to visit. All the others are people who've become friends through the blog. We've met (and not met personally) some fantastic people. Being personal shows who you are...people get to know your heart thru the blog. Makes for better longer lasting friendships imho.

TICA MACHA said...

Brace, I have a special blog coming for you, I just love the wonderful gifts you sent me. So thoughtful for us to have never met. Thank you so much for everything! Especially your support over these years!
Jen, one day our paths will cross in this little country and we can say we have actually met person to person, till then,,, I enjoy the thought of having you as my friend.

Costa Rica Baby! said...

We got caught in the rain yesterday at the park...with these past months of drought I forgot how much the skies can let loose. :)

Teri, your blog has been wonderful for me.
It's helped me realize that I CAN do this CRAZY Costa Rican thing. Thanks for your example.

TICA MACHA said...

THANK YOU Shawna for the WONDERFUL oven thermometer you sent by way of your husband. I picked it up on Thursday and have been baking happily ever since. Yes, my temperature on my oven was incorrect! Thanks, you saved me!