Thursday, April 30

MALINOIS - The Super Dog

Have you ever seen this dog? I've read that Cesar Millan has one in his pack. What an incredible dog. Can you even imagine trying to run from a dog like this. Just watch the video and you'll see what I mean. I need to take a nap now.....

The best show yet of Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer (El Encantador de Perros) aired twice on Tuesday night here in CR (I watched it both times!). It comes on again this Saturday on the Animal Planet channel (#17 CableTica). I totally related to the lady having anxiety when going out in public. I have that sometimes. I'm tall and blond and feel like a walking target at times in this country, in some places. The story about "A.J. and Sparky" gives me hope and a new direction in life. All my dogs will be companion dogs and will "work" in public when I have accomplished some of my "training" goals with my currently unbalanced dogs. On this episode, "The Dog Park" had information I REALLY need about being around other dogs. My dogs are still nervous-aggressive when passing other dogs so I continue to walk them one by one or in pairs so I can manage them. Max (Mad Max "The Bull")is almost 100 lbs. and he is my best walker!! Max doesn't lunge at passing dogs and provoke attacks from unattended dogs anymore. :)
It takes about 2 hours of walking everyday but I am inspired to reach my goals and step by step,
we will get there. Thanks Cesar, for giving me hope.

The other day, I was walking the beach with Mela (meek Mela but fights Macha when Max starts it), anyway, I was walking with Mela on the leash and I see three men walking towards me with work clothes on. That means, long sleeves, long pants and they look like Nicaraguan workers,,, on the beach. I see something sparkle in their hands when the sun catches it. As they get closer, I realize they are ALL gripping onto a BIG knife except for one who has a short machete. I would have had intense fear and panic had I been alone on my deserted beach but since Mela was with me, I passed as if nothing was unusual, but I didn't look at them. It did cause me to pause and think "what do tourist think" just walking along the beach and seeing something like this. I thought they were on their way to the rocks to fish and their Cuban reels were in their pockets. They meant no harm, they were the ones with fear for a big black dog.


Peggy said...

Two hours a day! You are so committed. I'm proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I have had a few Malinois, they are awesome dogs. BUT, not for someone without a LOT of free time to train them. Mine was the best guard dog ever and I only gave him up because he didn't bond with my son and we were concerned for his safty. I have seen a couple around town and I think they are used as personal protection dogs.
Obviously we have had our share of problems in Hermosa over the past few years. Speaking of guys with knives on the beach, did you hear about the gringo couple that was attacked by almendro tree a few months ago? That really scared me...donde es mi pueblito de antes?

TICA MACHA said...

I expect to see more of that breed of dog here in Costa Rica.
Nope, I didn't hear anything about "the tree" incident.
At Hermosa Beach at the surf tree?

Anonymous said...

Yes, at the surf tree. It was after dark and a young gringo couple built a bonfire after a day at the beach. Awhile later a large group of "workers" confronted them. They put the mans feet in the fire and burned him severely so that he couldn't run to get help while they assaulted his girlfriend in every way. Makes me sick to write this... This was about a month before Arno was murdered. He was part of the group of local men who started patrolling the beach on atv's after dark for these sickos. Many of the local gringo wives go jogging on the beach alone and this was a really big deal in the community.

TICA MACHA said...

Wow, I'm surprised I didn't hear that but it's like that... people don't talk about bad things. Like a secret society,,, "Pura Vida".

I have mixed feelings about vigilantes but living here has opened my eyes. The criminals here HAVE NO FEAR! Why should they? They are rarely caught!
If a few more people went on security watch, maybe "THEY" might have fear... and go away.
I decided long ago to do whatever it took to protect me and mine.
I live precautiously. Pura vida.