Sunday, April 26

Zac Brown Band

Well, I guess Texan Brett down in Esterillos couldn't take my Spice Girls song line-up another day. Yes, I apologize for leaving them hanging on the TeriTunes for so long. Enough of the old Spice Girls, he sent me THE ZAC BROWN BAND , from the Big C Atlanta, GA, for some new tunes. Southern Country Rock with a little folk sound, my kind of music. Hope you enjoy the tunes and thanks Brett, we were ALL ready for a change!
link to Zac Brown Brown:

Check out Brett's site at:
They sure know how to have fun down there in Esterillos!!

Note to readers: Since my last post, I have been really preoccupied. Check out the comments on "An Old Spice Girl". I am on a mission now to share my story of my fighting dogs and how Cesar's Way has changed our lives!!!
Watch Cesar Millan's show and check out his website:
Your dogs will be glad YOU DID!!

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