Monday, December 17

Bah, humbug!

I went on a special mission to Jacotown to capture the spirit of Christmas with my camera. I just wanted some photos of decorations and such. I wasn't expecting to see downtown 5th Avenue in Naples, Fl but I didn't see ANY lights for Jaco. In years passed, Jaco Municipal would string lights across the beach strip street from end to end. It was magical. The big businesses would spell their name in the lights. Yes, a bit commercial but Jaco looked like it had the Christmas spirit.

The Municipal decorated their building, but sparsely. They put up the manger scene inside the stairwell as always (minus Baby Jesus right now). I can imagine maybe the 'Muni' is low on funds with all the new sidewalks being put in. There's been many good changes around Jaco lately with roads, lights, etc.

When I really miss all the lights and fanfare of Christmas in Florida - I will go to Los Suenos Resort in Herradura (a neighboring town).
It's a wonderland. (As in - 'I wonder where people get all this money?')


Anonymous said...

Hi, YO-YO! When you're really hankerin' for some good old-fashioned Christmas lights, have a glass of nog and check out the videos on
Boy, some folks just have WAY too much time on their hands.
Merry Christmas!

BreeWee said...

Those photos are so different from the last time I was in Costa Rica! Things change huh!?
Sending you LOTS of happy thoughts for a GREAT Christmas! Enjoy the beach, relax, and thanks for always putting photos to your posts! I am like a child and need pictures when i read :)

Jen said...

Have you been to the surf competitions? I noticed some are coming up in Hermosa.

TICA MACHA said...

Beth, HOW DO YOU find this stuff?!
Pretty awesome decorations there in New Mexico.

Bree - I just love going to the beach and soaking up rays this time of year. It's gorgeous.

Jen - The waves are small now. When is the competition suppose to be?

Blog Bloke said...

Right now I'm soaking up the clouds and rain. So it sounds like it's not so bad there after all.

Christmas is in the heart so be cheery and enjoy watching all that eye candy on the beach.

Merry Christmas sweety ... BB