Tuesday, December 18

Little Jaco Now

This photo was taken from the Mirador inbetween Hermosa and Jaco. I see this scene everytime I go to town. I look in awe lately (especially at night with all the lights) because I can't believe little Jacotown may soon become a city. The next Cancun or 'Jacopulco'. In the past two years, construction has really taken off with the building of highrises on the beach and elsewhere. Major development. In my opinion, over development but we'll see who buys into the hype.

Typically, this time of year, all Costa Rica pours out to the beaches. Jaco is the closest hot spot from San Jose so we get the big crowd here. Little by little, the beach camping is being blocked off and the 'egg eaters' are having to find new camping spots. They (the Muni) have signs posted on the beach stating no camping, no cars, no ...., you get the idea. It's not enforced so far but the casinos and highrises are not complete and not occupied yet. It will be a totally different scene next year.
(the locals coined the name 'egg eaters' because these vacationers don't have much money, they bring their own food and don't eat in restaurants much)

When I lived in Hawaii, people joked that the building crane was the State bird there. Looks like a flock of cranes have landed in Jaco. Progress? - Bah Humbug.


Anonymous said...

I guess I'd better grab some real estate while it's still affordable :)

Hey YoYo, I've missed you over at the Bloke's neck of the woods. Are you made at me???

Good for you. I see you've implemented OpenID. So much for you not being technically savvy.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to my favourite Blokester!


TICA MACHA said...

If I've "implemented" openID, I sure didn't know it. I'm still as unsavvy as ever. I check on you but you haven't been posting much. Good to see you here.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. Teri