Saturday, December 8

It's never easy....

You may have gotten the idea that living here in paradise is wonderful and it is IF you don't try and get anything done. Living in a beach town, well, we've got plenty of booze and bars and beaches but getting other stuff can be a real hassle.

Recently, my desktop computer took a dive and I thought I had it licked by buying a new computer ($520). I had bought Windows XP operating system about a year ago when this same computer clocked out on me. I had Windows ME on it (original from Dell) and bought XP to install on it. When it died again (this last time), I was told I could reinstall the Windows XP on my new computer. Well, I can't. It was purchased for one use, on one computer.

I finally got up the nerve to untangle all the cords and start plugging it all in yesterday. That's when I discovered that I had to buy XP ONE MORE TIME ($220). Most of the time, problems here are easily solved with money. Most of the time, it's information given on a need to know basis and by the time you reach the solution, you've damn near broke the bank.

I say all this for those that may be wonder why I am not posting. I am in computer hell at the moment and will be here for AWHILE. Seems the English version of Window's XP is not available at the moment in Costa Rica. So I wait. I've learned to do that quite graciously since I've had loads of practice living here the past five years.

Thanks for listening to me vent. "And this too shall pass."
"It's only money" ..... until you run out of it.


Peggy said...

Hi Teri,
I guess I shouldn't complain! When my computer crashed last month, it was not as much trouble as what you are going through!

I'm sorry for you!!

wolfie_cr said...

well I hate to tell you this but they don't sell XP anymore (oficially although with the premium versions of Vista you can downgrade)

do you know if the license you bought a year ago is OEM? (those you "can't " transfer and I mean "can't" with " because ......well you can do it of course

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear these troubles. Is there an operating system on the computer now? Did they sell it to you without an operating system? Hmmmm... with your $500/every 6 months deductions, seems you could get a cheapo dell with everything from the states delivered to you... Hmmmm...

La Gringa said...

"So I wait. I've learned to do that quite graciously since I've had loads of practice living here the past five years."

I chuckled out loud at that. We are leading parallel lives. We've been waiting almost 6 months for our car to be repaired.

The latest word with the mechanic: "Well, I've gotten some other cars in and they need to get them out." Whaaaaa! What about us?

TICA MACHA (aka Teri) said...

What's this you say Wolfie? I was told the license I bought last year was for a one time use (after I tried to download it on the new one).
Not sure what's wrong with the comments but they are not showing up in my inbox anymore. I have to check the blog for them so I'm behind on it.
I definitely would have bought a Dell computer (even if it meant going back to the States) had I known I was in for these kind of problems.
The one thing I've learned here is to have patience. Or go absolutely bonkers!!!!!!!
Pura Vida!